1. Undivided

The vibe of this song could very easily be described as simply electrifying. The character of Undivided has a rock infused hip-hop composition with a pulsating arch in tune to favor this original Contemporary Christian Music sound. Undivided flows with the new wave of sound in Christian music, which is perfect for this season. The lyrics to Undivided sync well with Show’s 2019 single “In the Zone,” which hit radio and digital outlets worldwide. Beneath the addictive sound, Show is speaking through the combination of narrative pros and creativity, which sets his sound apart from a world musically socially and spiritually divided.

“We often get distracted with everyday life and things pulling us in multiple directions that we lose sight of Him. Undivided is a reminder to give God His time.” ~ International Show.

Show’s passion for music is expressed through the originality of Undivided. The creation of Undivided is a refreshing dip in the proverbial paint bucket, creating a masterpiece.