10 Cats That Are Very Rare To Find Today


The Singapura is one of the tiniest cat breeds, known for its small size and playful personality.

Lykoi cats

Lykoi cats, often called "werewolf cats," have a distinctive appearance with partially hairless bodies and a mysterious charm. 

Scottish Folds

Scottish Folds are famous for their adorable folded ears and sweet temperament. 

Egyptian Mau 

The Egyptian Mau is a rare breed known for its stunning spotted coat and agile nature. 


Serengeti cats resemble wild African servals, with a striking appearance and active lifestyle. 

American Curls 

American Curls are recognized for their unique curled-back ears and affectionate demeanor. 


The Korat is a rare Thai breed with a beautiful silver-blue coat and a history dating back centuries. 


Toygers mimic the appearance of tigers, with bold stripes and a playful disposition. 


LaPerms have curly, soft fur and a friendly personality, making them a rare and cherished breed. 

Ojos Azules

Ojos Azules, meaning "blue eyes" in Spanish, are known for their stunning blue eyes and striking coat colors. 

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