10 Most Essential Animated Dog Movies, Ranked

#10: "All Dogs Go to Heaven" 

This heartwarming classic follows the adventures of a charming dog named Charlie who returns from the afterlife to set things right. 

#9: "Lady and the Tramp" 

Experience the timeless love story of Lady and Tramp, two dogs from different worlds who find romance in the most unexpected places. 

#8: "Bolt" 

Join Bolt, a superhero dog, on his journey to find his way back home, learning valuable life lessons along the way. 

#7: "101 Dalmatians" 

Meet the adorable Dalmatian puppies and their courageous parents as they outsmart the wicked Cruella de Vil in this classic tale. 

#6: "Coco" 

While not entirely focused on dogs, "Coco" features the lovable Dante, an unforgettable canine companion who adds heart to the story. 

#5: "Isle of Dogs" 

Wes Anderson's whimsical stop-motion animation takes you to a dystopian Japan, where a young boy searches for his lost dog. 

#4: "The Secret Life of Pets" 

Ever wondered what your pets do when you're not around? This film explores the hilarious adventures of Max and his furry friends. 

#3: "Up" 

Prepare for an emotional journey as we follow the heartwarming story of Carl and Russell, accompanied by their loyal talking dog, Dug. 

#2: "Balto" 

Based on a true story, "Balto" showcases the incredible journey of a sled dog who braved harsh conditions to deliver life-saving medicine. 

#1: "The Lion King" 

While not exclusively about dogs, "The Lion King" features Simba's loyal canine friend, Nala, in this epic tale of courage and leadership. 

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