10 Submissive Dog Behaviors | Understanding Canine Submissiveness

Tail Tucking 

Tail tucking is a common sign of dog submission. When your dog tucks its tail between its legs, it's signaling discomfort or submissiveness. 

Ears Back 

Watch for ears pulled back against the head. This is a submissive gesture, often seen when a dog wants to avoid confrontation. 

Paw Lifting 

Paw lifting is a submissive posture. Dogs may raise a paw when they greet other dogs or humans to show respect and non-aggression. 

Belly Up 

A dog exposing its belly is a sign of submission. It's an invitation for a belly rub but also signifies trust and vulnerability. 

Avoiding Eye Contact 

Dogs may avert their gaze to avoid eye contact, especially when they feel submissive or intimidated. 

Subdued Posture 

A submissive dog often adopts a crouched or low posture, indicating they are not a threat 

Rolling Over 

When a dog rolls over onto its back, it's a submissive gesture. It's a request for a belly rub and a display of trust. 

Nudging and Licking 

Nudging or licking your hand can be a sign of submission. Dogs do this to establish a connection and show respect. 

Submissive Urination 

Submissive urination is common in puppies and submissive dogs. It's a reflexive response to excitement or submission. 

Yawning and Lip Licking 

Excessive yawning and lip licking can indicate discomfort and submission in dogs. Pay attention to these subtle cues. 

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