8 Common Complaints About Labrador Retrievers


Labradors are known for their shedding. Discover tips on managing their fur and keeping your home clean. 


Labs are known for their high energy levels. If not properly exercised, they can become hyperactive. Daily walks and playtime are essential for a happy Lab. 


Labrador puppies love to chew on everything. Provide plenty of chew toys and supervise them to prevent destructive chewing. 


Labs can be vocal. Training and socialization can help control excessive barking. They may bark when bored or anxious. 


Labrador Retrievers are friendly and may jump on people out of excitement. Consistent training and teaching them appropriate greetings is key. 


Some Labs have a natural instinct to dig. Create a designated digging area or provide mental stimulation to reduce this behavior. 

Separation Anxiety 

Labs are prone to separation anxiety. Gradual departures and arrivals, along with crate training, can alleviate this issue. 

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