9 Expert Tips To Prevent Dog Obesity

Balanced Diet 

Ensure your dog's diet is balanced and suitable for their age and size. 

Portion Control 

Control portion sizes to prevent overeating and excess weight gain. 

Regular Exercise 

Keep your dog active with daily exercise to burn calories and stay fit. 

Healthy Treats 

Choose healthy treats and limit high-calorie snacks for your dog. 

Vet Checkups 

Regular vet checkups can detect and prevent obesity-related issues early. 

Avoid Table Scraps 

Resist feeding your dog table scraps, which can contribute to obesity. 

Proper Feeding Schedule 

Stick to a consistent feeding schedule to regulate your dog's meals. 

Weight Monitoring 

Monitor your dog's weight and adjust their diet and exercise as needed. 

Seek Professional Advice 

When in doubt, consult a veterinarian or canine nutritionist for guidance. 

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