Beach Dog Safety Tips 

Leash Up 

Always keep your dog on a leash at the beach. This prevents them from wandering into danger. 

Life Jackets 

Consider a doggy life jacket, especially if your pup is new to swimming. It provides added safety. 

Shade and Water

Provide shade and fresh water to keep your dog cool and hydrated during beach trips 

Beach-Safe Toys 

Choose beach-safe toys that won't harm your dog if ingested. Enjoy games of fetch safely. 

Beach Rules 

Familiarize yourself with beach rules and regulations, and follow them for a safe visit. 

Watch for Wildlife 

Keep an eye out for wildlife and be cautious to prevent any encounters with potentially dangerous animals. 

Rinse Off 

After beach play, rinse your dog to remove saltwater or sand that could irritate their skin. 

Check for Ticks 

Check your dog for ticks after the beach to prevent tick-borne diseases. 

Training Is Key 

Ensure your dog responds to basic commands like 'come' and 'stay' for better beach safety.

Enjoy the Beach Together 

With these tips, you and your dog can safely enjoy beach adventures together 

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