Top 10 Breweries in the USA 

1. Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. 

Located in California, Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. is famous for its Pale Ale and stunning mountain views. 

2. Founders Brewing Co. 

Founders Brewing Co. in Michigan is renowned for its KBS and All Day IPA. 

3. Dogfish Head Brewery 

Delaware's Dogfish Head Brewery offers a creative range of brews, like the 90 Minute IPA. 

4. New Belgium Brewing Company 

Colorado's New Belgium Brewing Company is known for the refreshing Fat Tire Amber Ale. 

5. Stone Brewing 

Stone Brewing in California boasts bold flavors, with the Arrogant Bastard Ale as a highlight. 

6. Bell's Brewery 

Bell's Brewery in Michigan crafts classics like Two Hearted Ale and Oberon Wheat Ale. 

7. Russian River Brewing Co. 

California's Russian River Brewing Co. is famous for Pliny the Elder and Pliny the Younger. 

8. Allagash Brewing Company 

Allagash Brewing Company in Maine specializes in Belgian-style ales, like Allagash White. 

9. Cigar City Brewing 

Florida's Cigar City Brewing offers unique flavors like Jai Alai IPA and Hunahpu's Imperial Stout. 

10. Deschutes Brewery 

Deschutes Brewery in Oregon is known for its diverse selection, including Black Butte Porter. 

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