Vestibular Disease in Dogs: 8 Essential Facts

What is Vestibular Disease? 

Vestibular disease in dogs affects their balance and coordination. It can be alarming but is often treatable. 

Causes of Vestibular Disease 

Various factors, including infections, tumors, and age, can trigger vestibular disease in dogs. 

Symptoms to Watch For 

Watch for signs like head tilting, stumbling, and nausea, as these are common symptoms of vestibular disease. 

Different Types of Vestibular Disease

Central and peripheral vestibular disease have distinct causes and require different treatment approaches.

Diagnosis and Veterinary Care 

Your vet will perform a thorough examination and tests to diagnose and treat vestibular disease. 

Prognosis and Recovery 

Most dogs with vestibular disease recover with time and proper care, though it varies from case to case. 

Supportive Care at Home 

Learn how to provide comfort and support to your furry companion during their recovery journey. 

Preventing Vestibular Disease 

Discover steps to help prevent vestibular disease and maintain your dog's overall health. 

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